I love this entry, and I completely agree with the message 😄 “what can I do with my ordinary life to make it extraordinary” is such an important question that more people should ask themselves. There should be less focus on accolades, and more focus on just enriching our lives with beautiful experiences.

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Oh man I still have to see Dead Poets Society! And the "crowds of people cheering you on" reminds me of two things (ideas from other people). 1. When we feel most alone we actually have people on our team, we just don't know who they are yet, or we've forgotton who they are 2. (This one is a direct quote from Gabethebassplayer.com...

"Your fans think they’re really smart for liking what you do. They believe they have good taste and have discovered an oasis in the crowded streets of content.

They know it’s unlikely you’ll hit a home run every time but they also like being the kind of people who are along for the ride, the kind of people who give another chance, the kind of people who are curious and loyal and gracious enough to give you the benefit of the doubt.

Keep finding ways to affirm and reward these people." Which is a nice way of being extraordinary whether your the fan, or the "star."

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