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My Take As Reels Roll

Life lessons learned from watching the movie 'Out Of Africa'

What movie did I find meaningful?

Movie: Out of Africa

What life lessons, messages or insight about life have I learned from the movie?

One should not give up a chance to see true beauty. When the universe calls and beckons you go, one must pay close attention, and that place for me was … is?🤔 ( know) Because you don't…’Time has no hold on destiny.’ 😊 That place for me.…Africa. First, Nigeria, then Ethiopia then Kenya and now North Africa …do ya suppose I should take the hint??. All events and travels have been drawing me to Asia.

Out of Africa is movie as expansive and beautiful as its male 🌟

Male and female relationships should not be rushed as a true pair bond can't be established or sustained without gentle understanding and mutual respect.

Quality of humanity and class structure ..humanity wins!

All pretty things cannot compare to the beauty and simplicity of the people you encounter on your travels.

‘Quality of character in the human spirit needs no polish'

I have found it quite amazing how one can call anywhere home when one has love, fulfillment, and purpose. But if and when just one of these qualities fail to meet expectations, a 'home' becomes empty, dark and daunting.

All one can do is return to their homeland where they feel safe, secure and sheltered until they are ready to venture out and try again.


De Crown <crownmp.100a@gmail.com>

l write to provide readers variety and moments of reflection & repose. Humor & Music flavor my writing and my little paper minder is huge inspiration J’écris pour offrir aux lecteurs de la variété

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Hi Moviewise! I now have a guest post for you - will send you an email!

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Hi! I'm interested on doing a guest post. Have a look on my newsletter: https://openingscene.substack.com/ :)

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Hi. I've sent an email on the 2nd April. Not sure if you've got it.

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hello, we "spoke" yesterday in the Office Hours. I wanted to write a review of a niche British fillum, but have discovered that it's not in your Wordpress list. Does that mean it's verboten? :-(

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I'll send you an email.

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