Love your post! Laughter truly is the best medicine. Did you know that kindergarteners laugh 300+ times/day....adults, just 17 times. (https://kindnessmagnet.substack.com/p/bested-kindergarteners) We've got some work ahead of us! I bet we could increase our laugh quotient by watching some of the movies you mentioned! I'm also a fan of 'Bridesmaids' (2011).

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Wonderful article.

Wonderful platform.

I am impressed with all I read and see.


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I love Sullivan's Travels. It's a master's class in tension and release, in making a corny message seem real, and seamlessly infusing comedy with peril. William Demarest almost steals the show, but McCrea and Veronica Lake are so great together. So many great lines, and he even has time to tip the hatlo to Capra in the diner scene (the donut). I found this movie through the Coens, who actually made O Brother Where Art Thou and tipped their own hat in the theater scene. Great article. I'd also add Children of Men, which ends with hope after all the travail.

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