This movie is streaming and there's a link in the body. And I repeat it here.


Also I note the quote from Feyman

When your "education" limits your imagination it's called indoctrination. Those who cannot think for themselves are truly lost. Education should be a rewarding experience which allows you to think, imagine, question, doubt and solve problems.

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I love the part of Feynman's quote that highlights imagination as part of a good education. This is what the people in the classical period would refer to as the muses, essentially. It's inspiration, and I think it's the main avenue in solving problems. But how many people come out of formal education with a greater sense of imagination than they went in with? I think for most people it diminishes starting in the early grades. But I think movies are a way to bring back that spark of imagination for many people because of the grandness of the visuals and combination of story, message and music. Many movies are really training the imagination, and it's wonderful to be immersed in that world. I'm certainly inspired to write the "moviewise" essays because of them. 😉

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