Great post!

I was 41 when I watched β€˜Rocky’ for the first time - I was in training for my first 10k, and the theme tune was on my running playlist. I mentioned in passing to my husband that it was my favourite song to run to, and the next time he accompanied me on his bike on one of my training runs he rode with a towel around his neck.

β€˜What’s that for?’ I asked.

β€˜You know, Mickey Goldmill? Rocky’s TRAINER?’

I had no idea what he was talking about, but we watched the film that evening and it all became clear! 🀣

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Jan 31, 2023Liked by moviewise 🎟

This is, shockingly, one of the films on my "never seen" list!! Thanks for the reminder that I need to keep working on that haha.

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